SLES (School Leavers Employment Support)

Transitioning out of school can be a confusing yet an exciting time with so much spare time on your hands it is certainly imperative to spare a thought for your future plans and the coming stages of your life. SHCS helps you strengthen your current skills while assisting you to develop new skills in your desired industry of work. We also provide a broad range of skills which can be used in virtually any working environment.

SHCS is approved to provide SLES to year 12 students who have SLES listed on their plan. SHCS is dedicated to help assist you transition from High School to Employment by providing you with the essential skills and resources to help you transition with ease.

Sydney Health & Care Services SLES plan consists of but not limited to:

SLES supports include activities that contribute to achieve employment outcomes such as:

  • Job site training
  • Helping to develop certain skills in different industries which employers seek.

  • Travelling training
  • Assisting you in travelling to and from work in public or personal transport.

  • Workforce principles
  • Assisting you to enhance principles such as punctuality (getting to work on time), relationship building, and personal presentation to name a few.

  • Skills building
  • assisting you in developing/enhancing skills such as; interpersonal skills, teamwork, problem solving, planning, confidence, self-management, organisation skills, as well as technical skills.

  • Work experience
  • At SHCS we work tirelessly with recognised large organisations such as Woolworths, Big W, K-mart, Coles, Nestle to offer work experience to our SLES participants, plans are developed based on participants wants and needs, our work experience options vary from 1, 3, 6, 9, or 12 month so we provide you with the flexibility and options to choose where you would like to gain your experience.

Our SLES participants will develop/enhance their skills in a class room like environment to limit any culture shock in our Liverpool educational centre with our highly qualified teachers and mentors. Our teachers will continually liaise with the work experience employers to consistently assess and monitor our participants performance and address any shortcoming whilst providing imperative feedback.

Your SLES experience with Sydney Health & Care Services will be a memorable, enjoyable and successful journey to help you achieve paid employment.